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Practice Areas

We practice a wide range of areas such as litigation, dispute resolution, construction, infrastructure, Islamic finance, capital markets, corporate, family constitutions, private client, legislative drafting, and employment. The following list illustrates a detailed list of the areas we practice:

  1. Legal representation before courts, judicial and arbitration panels.
  2. Excel in real estate, commercial and inheritance disputes.
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  4. Drafting arbitration documents.
  5. Serving as arbitrators.
  1. Drafting corporate documents and providing pre-registrations services.
  2. Due diligence.
  3. Ongoing legal advice.
  4. Corporate governance.
  5. Franchise.
  6. Mergers and Acquisitions.
  7. Corporate structuring and restructuring.
  8. Bankruptcy and liquidation.
  9. Advising board members and shareholders.
  1. Entity governance & family constitutions.
  2. Drafting settlements for family disputes.
  3. Wealth planning and management.
  4. Awqaf.
  5. Inheritance.
  1. Drafting employment contracts to be in ac- cordance with Saudi law.
  2. Advising on bonuses and end of service awards.
  3. Employment dispute resolution.
  4. Drafting and reviewing internal policies of institutions.
  5. Advising on dismissal process of employees.
  1. Drafting construction contracts, exchanges of ownership, and subcontracting.
  2. Real estate development and projects.).
  3. Advising on tenant and owner disputes.
  4. Reviewing tenders and memorandums of understanding.
  1. Islamic finance.
  2. Finance contracts.
  3. Initial Public Offerings (IPO).
  4. Licenses.
  1. Drafting and reviewing proposed legislation.
  2. Drafting regulations and legislative commentaries.